Circular 11


28 June 2021

CIRCULAR 11 / 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians


We strive for quality skills based learning in a safe environment where equal opportunities and sound disciplinary values are nurtured.

OUR SLOGAN:   Learning today, succeeding tomorrow.

Content / Inhoud

1.      Report / Verslag

2.      Communication / Kommunikasie

3.      Books / Boeke

4.      Pastoral / Pastoraal

5.      Covid-19 Protocols / Covid-19 Protokol

6.      Important dates / Belangrike datums

7.      Our school is 60 years old

8.      Best achievers / Beste presteerders

9.      School fees / Skoolfonds

1.      Report / Verslag

      Please evaluate and discuss your child’s results
regarding his/her Term 2 report.
  Grade 8
– 11 learners came to school on alternative days and this is having a negative
impact on the learners’ performance.
12 learners came to school on a daily basis.
We experienced a high rate of absenteeism.  This has a negative impact on the continuous
academic exposure and learning.
  We urge
parents/guardians to stay committed to sending learners to school as the
timetable stipulates for the adjusted compulsory school attendance programme.

2.      Communicate 

       Parents / guardians must inform the school’s secretary of any changes in contact details especially cell numbers, home numbers or any other changes in contact details and addresses. 

 3.      Text books

All learners received text books which have been covered with plastic.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the replacement of any lost/damaged text books.  Please buy the prescribed school bag to ensure the safekeeping of books.

4.     Pastoral

We are a value-driven school with our slogan:  Discipline and Respect. We can measure the success in the ability of our learners to portray those values by means of their behaviour.

January    :   Attitude

February  :  Helpfulness

March       :  Reliability

April          :  Responsibility

May           :  Integrity

June           :  Purposefulness

July             :  Care

August       :  Commitment

September:  Responsiveness

October     :  Perseverance

November :  Loyalty

        December  :  Service

5.      Covid-19 Protocols

We are currently at Level 4.  We still observe learners outside our school not adhering to the regulations of mandatory wearing of a facemask and social distancing.  This unacceptable behaviour is putting everybody at risk.  Our school observe strict compliance regarding all Covid-19 regulations and protocols.  We were informed about four learners who were put in isolation due to either having Covid-19 or being in direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.  Please help us to keep our learners and staff safe and healthy.

6. Important Dates

19 July – School re-opens

09 August – Woman’s Day

30 August – Gr 12 September examination begin

09 September – Gr 8-11 Test series begin

23 September – Gr 8-11 Test series ends

24 September – Heritage Day

29 September – Matric Ball

01 October – School closes

11 October – School re-opens

 7.      Our school is 60 years old

Our school is celebrating 60 years of academic
excellence.  As part of our celebration,
we would love to initiate a much-needed maintenance program of the
infrastructure i.e. classes, buildings and grounds.

Please support our school by donating R60 towards the special effort to the maintenance infrastructure
program as we celebrate 60 years of service to this community.

Donations can be paid into our school account or paid in at
the school.

ABSA Account number: 145 075 0294

Branch: 632005 Ref: 60 Fund

Thank you for your commitment and support.

8.      Best Achievers

We congratulate learners on the excellent results for Term 2.

9.      School fees

Please ensure that the payment of school fees is kept up to date. Do not fall in arrears during the holiday.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to deposit money into the school’s account.  All school fees accounts which are in arrears will be handed over for collection.

Bank : ABSA     Account number : 145 075 0294

Branch : 632005 Sanbel

Reference:  Learner’s name, surname and grade


We wish you and your child/children a pleasant and safe holiday.