Circular 5


8 March 2021 

CIRCULAR 5 / 2021

 1.     Work at home

2.     School Based Assessment and Tests

3.     Mandatory Intervention

4.     Communication with parents

5.     SGB Elections 2021

6.     School sports


A big part of willpower is having something to aspire to, something to live with –  Mark Shuttleworth


Work at home

Due to COVID-19 many learners are at home daily as we only accommodate learners in group A and group B on alternative days. Please motivate and support your child to complete all tasks or assignments (SBA) as preparation for the next day when they attend school. Learners must work continuously and develop a
productive work ethic.

Mandatory intervention

To guarantee a good pass, all learners must complete all the compulsory SBAs. It is essential that the SBA must result in a percentage of achievement to promote
a pass for that subject. Learners who fail to do homework or have substandard presentation of SBAs, will be subjected to a mandatory intervention session
after school.  Parents and learners will be notified by the subject educator when he/she MUST report for such a session. Failure to attend might lead to
suspension of classes and/or a parent meeting with the subject educator or senior staff member.

School Based Assessment (SBA)

All subjects have (SBAs) prescribed by CAPS which is support for learners to pass. Learners must adhere to the strict timelines of the program of assessment per subject. All SBAs must be done properly to ensure a pass. A pass of 60% per task is required and recommended to secure an eventual pass per subject and grade. 


SGB Elections 2021

Please note the following dates:


1.     Voters roll available                                       5 March

2.     Notice of election of parents                       2 March

3.     Closing date for nominations                      9 March

4.     First nomination validation meeting        10 March

5.     Second nomination validation meeting  16 March

6.     Third nomination validation meeting       25 March

7.     Objections against any nominations       20 March

8.     Election for parents/ first date                  23 March

9.     Election for parents – second date          31 March


Sports at school

All winter sports will return to practice from 15 March. The respective sport code and school dates will be provided. 

 Training protocols

1.      All players, staff or officials are to remain home if they display any COVID-19 symptoms.

2.      Players will not be permitted to practice without a contract or indemnity form signed by the parent/guardian.

3.      Social distancing guidelines should be adhered to at all times.

4.      Each player must have his/her own water bottle.

5.      All coaches/ officials and players must be screened and sanitized before participating in any activities.

6.      Only players who are registered and have been screened will be permitted to enter the respective sport venue.


We look forward to welcome our learners back to the sporting environment.

God Bless