Grade 8 Orientation

Date Time class
2 February 202108:00 – 10:008A1
3 February 202108:00 – 10:008E1
4 February 202108:00 – 10:008E2
4 February 202110:00 – 12:008E3

Staff involved: Miss Hollenbagh, Mrs la Grange, Mr Laubscher, Mrs Raath, Miss Bowie, Miss Van Zyl and the subject teachers of the individual groups.

Learners must be dressed in correct summer school uniform and bring their school bags along. All learners must wear a cloth mask covering their nose and mouth. No parent will be allowed on the school premises. Staff will meet learners at the school gate and accompany them to the terrace. Register will be taken.
Learners will move to the hall alphabetically (keeping social distancing at all times). Scanning and sanitizing will take place as learners enter the hall, where they will be seated. No gathering will be more than 50 persons.
Learners will be welcomed by grade head and the principal, Mr Taylor. The assistant grade head and register teachers will be introduced as well as the RCL members.

Covid-19 Protocol will be conveyed when entering the school ground, movement in the passages, in the classroom, during break, leaving the school ground and the use of the bathroom during periods and break.

Learners will receive the following documentation:
• Class timetable
• Attendance timetable (Group A and B will be announced)
• Promotion requirements for Grade 8
• Code of conduct (booklet)
• Commitment form
• Personal information form

Cell phones at school: 

Bring to school at your own risk. May be used in class with the permission of the educator. The phone can be confiscated by the teacher if used without consent.

General school information and expectation
School hours:

  • Gates open at 07:15. (Learners go to the hall for scanning)
  • 07:30 – Learners move to register classes.
  • 07:50 – School gates close. Learners will start the academic day.

The day will run as follows:
– Period 1-3
– Break
– Period 4-6

  • All grade 8 learners must bring a copy of their final grade 7 REPORT of 2020.
  • Learners not complying with the code of conduct regulations regarding uniforms, hair and being late for school will be sent home.
  • Learners guilty of unruly behaviour during school time will be sent home.
  • When learners are late for school parents must contact the school before 08:00 to inform the school about the situation.
  • If learners are absent from school, a letter must accompany them when returning.
  • Do not send learners to school if they show any signs of Covid-19 symptoms.
  • If absent from tests, exams and assessments, a medical certificate must be handed in.
  • Special arrangements must be made via letter to Ms. Van Zyl (grade head) or Ms. Bowie (assistant grade head). This letter must have a contact number, be signed by the parents/guardian and dated.
  • RCL members will speak about the school’s uniform.
  • All learners must be dressed correctly on the first day of school.
  • School bags: NO karimors. The correct school bag must be used. The school bag must be purchased at De Jagers (Cape Gate) at R400.

Life Orientation Practical (LP period)

  • On the day learners have LP, they have to come to school in their LP clothes.
  • The LP clothes consists of the school’s athletics top, a PLAIN navy blue tracksuit pants and the official school cap.
  • The athletics top must be purchased at De Jagers (Cape Gate) from R125 –R229. (rise by size)
  • The girl’s athletics top has a solid bottom and the boy’s athletics top has a mesh finishing.
  • The tracksuit pants must be PLAIN NAVY BLUE. (no tight and shorts is allowed)
  • The official school cap must be purchased at the financial office at school at R50 a cap.

Tour of the school:

  • Learners will walk in an organized manner through the building to meet their subject teachers and be shown a general view of the school ground and bathroom facilities.


  • Individual photographs will be taken for the school ID card of learners.


  • Learners will receive their learning material.

Learners will exit school grounds.